1// Complete INTAKE FORM

2// CCK will review the Intake Form and then send you the appropriate full Application and Lean Canvas Business Plan template, depending on your business type **Application must be reviewed and accepted by CCK Staff before proceeding to Step 3

3// Obtain a Massachusetts Food Processor's Resource Manual

4// Obtain ServSafe Certification (CCK offers classes, details HERE)

5// Complete Online Allergen Training program

6// Complete a Flow Process plan for your product(s)  (we can help)  **Flow Process needs to be reviewed and accepted by CCK Staff

7// Register your business with the City of Boston or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

8// Obtain General and Product Liability Insurance 

9// Determine your needs for Labeling and Packaging (we can help)

10// If needed, have laboratory analysis done for pH and Shelf Life (we can help)

11// CCK will schedule an appointment with you to review Steps 1-8 and if approved, we will ask for a Security Deposit and will supply you with a Base of Operations letter for filing with Health Department(s). **Please DO NOT PROCEED TO STEP 12 without this letter in-hand.

12// Submit your Food Processing License Application to the Commonwealth or apply for a Health Permit from the City of Boston

13// Schedule and complete Inspection with appropriate Health Department(s)

14// Schedule your Orientation with CCK Staff

15// Sign CCK Lease and Operating Agreement

Welcome to the family!