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Businesses have 3 possible options for using CCK to operate:

1//  Lease time in a shared-use commercial kitchen
2//  Lease your own separate commercial kitchen
3//  Contract with CropCircle Kitchen to provide food production services

The first step for all three options is to fill out an INTAKE FORM to provide basic information about your business. 

1// For businesses interested in using the shared kitchen, CropCircle Kitchen currently operates a shared-use facility in Jamaica Plain and in 2014 will be expanding to include our CCK Pearl facility. Both facilities include shared and separate commercial kitchens. Our original space in JP is designed to best support new businesses. Our team will work with you to determine the best location for your business - equipment, availability, scale, costs, and permitting will determine the best fit. You may end up moving between our facilities as your business grows. 

In addition to filling out an intake form, every prospective business must also provide some form of written business plan. The business plan can be informal, but must demonstrate that you have a well thought out business concept and a clear understanding of what it takes to create a viable food business. 

Once our team has reviewed BOTH your Intake Form and your basic business plan, we will schedule an intake meeting to talk more about your business plan and space needs and discuss next steps.

Here is a simplified list of STEPS TO JOINING CCK.


2// For businesses interested in leasing a separate dedicated kitchen space, the first step is to fill out our INTAKE FORM. After we've had a chance to review your form, our team will schedule a time to meet with you and discuss your business operations and space needs. If we all agree that the facility may be a fit, we will schedule a tour of the potential spaces at Pearl and begin the lease negotiation process. As part of this process, please note that you will be required to submit a full business plan and financial information. To the extent that demand for separate space outpaces available space, priority will be given to businesses whose owners live in Dorchester, Roxbury or Mattapan, and/or demonstrate substantial commitment to the project goals to maximize local hiring and job creation. 

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3// For businesses interested in contracting with CCK to support your food truck operations, or for contract commissary prep, our team will contact you to discuss scope of services and terms for agreement.

Frequently asked questions:


What do I need in order to use the shared kitchen?

You must be accepted and enrolled as a member to lease time in the kitchen. This process requires you to fill out our INTAKE FORM, provide a business plan, attend an intake meeting, and provide various other information about your business including evidence of insurance, evidence of ServSafe certification, a written work flow process specific to your food handling needs, and copies of all permits and licenses as needed.

How much will it cost to rent time in the shared kitchen?

The standard usage fee is $35/hour, and requires a minimum of 10 hours/month to use the facility. The hourly rate includes all equipment, workspaces, and utilities. Cold, frozen, and dry storage are available for lease on a monthly basis. Rates are subject to change.

How much will it cost to lease my own separate dedicated kitchen space?

Rents for individual spaces start at $4,000/month for an approximately 2,000 SF space. This price includes base rent plus a proportionate share of all common area costs such as insurance, taxes, common area maintenance, security, etc. This price does not include tenant utilities.  Click here for more information on leasing a separate space, including rent levels, estimated common area costs, and descriptions of the spaces.

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