How does this work?

We are a culinary business incubator and shared use commercial kitchen. We rent our space on an hourly basis to new food businesses who are not yet ready to occupy facilities of their own. We operate on a membership model, providing facility access and guidance to our members. We are fully licensed by local, state, and federal agencies as a commissary kitchen -- we cannot produce anything ourselves, nor can we allow anyone else to produce without their own permit. Thus, we can not support one-time events or part-time hobbies, as we must have a full health permit, insurance, and food safety certificate on file for all who operate in our facility. Please check out our LIST OF STEPS or fill out an INTAKE FORM  to get started.


What does it cost?

We divide startup costs into "First month, Last month, and Security deposits." For a new entrepreneur the minimum cost of startup would be:

$350 (First month)  
$700 (Security)      +
$1,050  (Total Deposit)

Your security deposit will be held during your tenure and will be refunded to you if your account is in good standing when you graduate or leave CCK. We bill on a monthly basis based on expected usage in a given month, due before you use CCK that month. We also require a minimum monthly charge, inclusive of all fees, currently $350 per month. Usage fees are $35 per hour. Thus, your monthly minimum allows about 10 hours of facility usage per month.

10 hours
$35 per hour     x
$350 minimum per month

Hourly rates include all equipment, workspaces, and utilities. Cold, frozen, and dry storage are billed separately. Rates are subject to change.


Why is the hourly rate higher for Pearl than for JP?

Our kitchen facilities at Pearl have larger, newer, and more production-oriented kitchen equipment, higher per-hour production capacities, and space for more workers per station. We designed these stations with the later-stage startup in mind. We also invested enormously in the buildout of our new Pearl facility. We have designed these rates to best share the cost of that development and the new equipment with the current and future entrepreneurs at Pearl. These rates also help to create a break-even point where, as they grow, entrepreneurs are encouraged to "graduate" from our space and move into their own facilities. In other words, as you grow your business, there is a natural point at which you will prefer opening your own space in lieu of renting additional hours from CCK.


How does the application process work?

Please check out our LIST OF STEPS or fill out an INTAKE FORM  to get started. Once we receive your Intake Form, we will review and provide feedback and questions. If needed, we will help you with further business plan details and projections, market outlook, and a discussion of usage requirements on the path to issuing a final approval of your application. Once we have approved your application, we will begin to collect the required paperwork from you for licensing, and when you are ready to commence operations, we will guide you through the process of applying for the appropriate health permits. Once your permits are granted, you will settle with us for the deposit and first month's usage, sign a membership and usage contract, and you'll be ready to start cooking!


What are the criteria for acceptance?

We foster a creative entrepreneurial environment, thus hard rules are hard to find. Most importantly, we want your business to succeed. We want to see your commitment to the enterprise and your belief that your ideas will become a self-sustaining enterprise for you and your [future] employees. We encourage as much forethought and planning as possible, as our expenses, though a tiny fraction of the cost of your own facility, will add up quickly once you get started. We must reserve the Kitchen for those companies most ready to use their time to the fullest, thus the application process can take months to complete as we provide guidance on the development of a functional business plan and help you sort out all the legal details of launching your food business.


What training do you provide?

As a start-up not-for-profit, our educational facilities are limited, but highly focused on the success of budding Culinary Enterpreneurs. We do offer ServSafe certification courses to the public and provide significant over-the-shoulder one-on-one guidance for our Culinary Entrepreneurs, from application through graduation and beyond. We have further established partnerships with numerous outside organizations and individuals to provide access to legal, financial, business planning, food science, and market development advice.


I have one big event next week, can I rent your space?

Unless you already have a business with an existing health permit, the answer is unfortunately NO. We can only support our members who have full health permits and have made the commitment to the monthly usage minimums. Our utmost goal is that the program itself survives and prospers, thus we are focused first on the growth and success of our Culinary Entrepreneurs. Further, our permit cannot be used for food production, thus you must first apply, be accepted, and acquire a health permit before you may use our facility.